Morgan Freeman and his Step-Grand daughter??

July 9, 2009

Morgan Freeman and his Step-Grand daughter??

Are they really together???

Just about two weeks ago, The Enquirer claimed Morgan Freeman, who is 72, has been having a nearly 10 year affair with his step-granddaughter, 27-year-old E’Dina Hines. Now they ratchet up the uncomfortable imagery by saying Morgan and E’Dina are set to get married.

She is the granddaughter of Morgan’s first wife – whom he and his estranged second wife Myrna raised since she was a young child.
The long-secret relationship led to the breakup of Morgan’s marriage
Now, The ENQUIRER has learned that Morgan and E’Dena are planning to wed after Morgan’s contentious divorce battle is over!
“Morgan has led her to believe that he wants to marry her,” a family insider told The ENQUIRER.
“Becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E’Dena’s goal,” revealed another family source.

2 Responses to “Morgan Freeman and his Step-Grand daughter??”

  1. ace said

    I knew there was always something dark and weird about him. Now we know. Hope he enjoys the seat that is reserved for him in hell. The pervert.

    As for the Granddaughter, what the f*** is wrong with her? Sounds to me like she was brainwashed or something. You might as well say that Freeman is the black version of Woody Allen.

  2. odog said

    ace, shut your mouth, he’s a great actor and these rumours aren’t necessarily true. People like you who call people dark and weird for a potentially false accusation are the ones who are brainwashed. And you say pervert? So quick to assume that that’s how his relationship works. Who’s really perverted? Morgan Freeman is the man and this silly rumour, true or false, does not change that one bit.

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