Drake Signs With Lil Wayne’s Young Money Label

June 30, 2009


Since the release of his third mixtape, So Far Gone, Drake has been heard all over the country. His single, “Best I Ever Had”, is being played on every radio station from coast to coast. And with his debut album, Thank Me Later, scheduled to release sometime this year, rumors have been floating around on which major label Drake would sign to.

Now, after weeks of speculation, Drake has decided to sign with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Records. A deal which breaks down as a joint venture between YM and Cash Money, with Universal Republic handling the distribution.

“Today is a definitely a comfortable day for me, having my team now that’s been in place for a couple of years. It’s just a great day. It’s something new, but it feels familiar,” Drake told MTV.

During the weeks, fans were guessing which label would get the newest superstar; with some begging him to go independent; in which Drake had the following to say.

“Independent is a funny term. I can go independent, but you need distribution, period. You need somebody to distribute your record and you need that army that a label has to really push the record.”

The final result comes to little surprise to some as Drake has been running with Lil Wayne for quite sometime now, most recently performing alongside Mr. Carter at the BET Awards last night despite having torn his ACL just a few days prior.



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