Jordan Chandler Hoax??

June 28, 2009


The article featuring a story about Jordan Chandler admitting he lied about Michael Jackson molesting him could be a hoax! – Check source article and make your own minds up –

This is the article I copy and pasted that was posted on Friday…What do you think?

Soon as I hear more I will let you know!

17 Responses to “Jordan Chandler Hoax??”

  1. Ohhhhh!how stupid…but how stupid…he made a person (Michael)to suffer for many years without a reason……he is really very stupid….and he was waiting all this,years to tell the truth?,now Michael died…it’s too late…any more…your blog is nice!Athanasia from Grecce!…..

  2. Ali MacKenzie said

    Maybe you should check your sources before you publish articles… I did and found that your source is just a random person’s blogg… their source is some random person’s blogg… their source…. etc.,etc.,etc. Took me less time to research than it took me to write this comment.
    Just a thought..

  3. apriltaylor89 said

    I believe that he did do it for money, I highly doubt that, that was hoax. They quoted him and you can get sued for doing that if the material is false. It’s real. I always believed Michael. Jordan deserves to be beat the hell out of, how dare he take it upon himself and ruin the reputation and life of another human being in the name of money? That is disgusting. He brought Michael down…if I see him on the street…….

  4. oleg745 said

    fake, yes.

  5. Prima said

    You should have stated where you copy pasted the article before publishing it. obviously it was a hoax.

  6. Mr. Dude said

    You know, that’s hardly a reliable source of information. Add to that the fact that this story hasn’t been picked up on by any big news agency and… well, it looks just a tad unlikely.

  7. vpjayant said


  8. Wizardo said

    I’m pretty certain the post is questionable, but it may indeed not be a hoax.. Perhaps it is a weak, spineless effort to confess. I never believed Michael Jackson was guilty of anything more than a big heart. I believe that much of the evidence “unearthed” by Tom Sneddon was manufactured for him by Martin Bashir. And perpetuated by Diane Dimond. The media furthered the horrors of these false accusations by not investigating the cases for themselves. I will forever hold them all accountable for the suffering they cause Michael Jackson unjustly. Jordan, wherever you are, you know you lied and you know why Michael Jackson gave you that money. It was, unbelievable, because he loved all children and wanted to give you something to make you happy. And you lied to get it.

  9. Jason said

    It’s fake:

    Plus, if you check the whois, the website this is posted on didn’t exist until a day after Michael died. And yet, it has articles dating back to 2008. Hmmm…..

  10. will g said

    Jordan Chandler stands to make a lot more money by suing whoever it was who wrote this bogus story.

  11. KK said

    ..just a thought..
    it seems that everyone is more than happy to label this fake or whatever and say it ‘hardley a reliable sourse’ which may very well be the case, however, when dirty tabloit junk print B.S. about Michael they’re the first to believe it..
    interesting huh?
    Now im not saying i label this article legit, but I can honestly say to anyone who questions Michael – how about u actually do the research..and then see what they have to say. Listen to the people who have been closest to him instead of believing these tabloid garbage who don’t know the man at all.

    I hope he can finally rest and find the peace he deserves!

  12. gaby said

    hola hi this news it readi in peopel, tmz, twiter, and confird

  13. victoria said

    Nah, its definite crap. The language is all stilted like it was someone with a very poor grasp of English that wrote it.

  14. Kina said

    Ok, so probably a hoax, BUT … It’s all over the place and that guy, Jordan Chandler , surely heard about it also. Had I been molested and someone tried to say I said otherwise, I’d be all over the place raising my voice for the thruth to be heard. His silence says it all.

  15. cathy said

    I don’t believe Michael is guilty of any wrong doing with Jordan. I believe the truth will surface, it always does. I pray that their path will be dark and slippery until they fess up to their schemes against Michael.

  16. Anne said

    Thank you! I heard this message from day 1 and I’ve tried to warn everyone on dutch community sites but they just won’t listen.

    Even someone told it on the dutch television. It is spreading like &^&^%##.

    And I guess this was the case with Michael’s history.. he so often said: don’t believe everything you hear or read.. and still.. people are doing that.

    I hate it

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