Gay Exorcism – I’m not sure!!

June 27, 2009

I am not sure if it works or if this is ethical! I am just the messenger! tell me what you think


One Response to “Gay Exorcism – I’m not sure!!”

  1. morenito said

    well of course it doesn’t work and of course it’s unethical. it’s abuse- that much is clear. another example of thick, ignorant god-botherers intent on harassing others. thick as shit. jesus never once mentions homosexuality. even the old testament only affords it a couple of lines; more space is given to the ritual slaughter of pigeons before service. how many of those homophobic nutters still slaughter pigeons? probably none. yet they all insist on ‘curing’ gay people by talking jibberish, slapping them and banging on about jesus every 2 secs. tosspots, the lot!

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