Michael Jackson’s last ever photo

June 26, 2009

Really sad

Really sad

75 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s last ever photo”

  1. Rae said

    oh Michael. this brings tears to my eyes.

  2. Aicha said

    Ohgod… rest in peace Michael.. You deserve it.. but ye it was too early.

  3. JoM said

    It is sad to see this man like this. Michael we love you and you will live on in spirit. I know God is smiling to see you along with James Brown, Afred Astaire, Jackie Wilson, and many others.

  4. javed said

    who took dis pic???

  5. alex said

    yeh who took it??

  6. Kay said

    Oh my god!!! Give the man and his family some fucking privacy and respect!!!!

    RIP Michael.

    • Yanira said

      I totally agree! Give the Jackson family some respect! How can you publish this!?!

      R.I.P Michael. I miss you and I will ALWAYS love you!

    • burnordettz said

      you are so right give the man some peace even in his last moments the king of pop will live in our hearts forever!

  7. sharday said

    OMG this just made me cry real bad 😦 OMG MICHAEL!!!!! (Sobbing)

  8. tanya said

    wow! he deserves a lot more respect thn that!!!

  9. BobbiKay said

    I think this is just wrong & sad! I watched ET a lot, but after this photo, I don’t know if I will ever watch it again. To actually pay money for this picture is disgusting!!

    As said before, give this man some respect! Whether you liked him or not he deserves better.

  10. Stephan Ascher said

    I`ll miss you, Michael!

  11. shana said

    The person who took and made a profit off of this photo is just horrible. To whatever tv show or magazine that published it, i hope they never know what this feels like.

    This was a father, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend..to many people that are mourning way more deeply than the world is. And people have the audacity to show this?…It’s disgusting.

    Let the man finally get some peace and privacy and show his family some damn respect.

  12. Helle said

    This is all too mysteriously!!! – Like somoone arranged it all – Journalists are just not around everywhere – who took this picture??? Noone was there to tell what happened – but yet an ambulance took him to the hospital – some parts of the story is yet missing. Who paid Jordan money to tell that? How will his life be now? Who wanted to break down Michael Jackson??? – Whoever it was – the mission is succesed!!! Michael Jackson is the Hero here – no doupt – the rest in all this are the basters – too sad!!!

  13. Mateo said

    This is horrible. why would you post such a thing. wheres the respect. i hate media, and the prices they pay for invading privacy, theese paparazzi werre actuaclly blocking the abulances path and wouldnt let them go till they got a shot, its horrible!!! they wasted precious time that could have saved him, all for what MONEY??? if only money could bring back our loved ones we would spend money on that rather than stupid mainstream crap and wouldnt waste time watchin ET but spend time with family. BOYCOTT ET

  14. SUSAN said

    Such a high price to pay for such a talent you shared with the world . They cant hurt you now for your soul now is as free as a bird. xxxxxxxx

  15. Mack said

    This is a disgusting and vile invasion of personal privacy by the media because I’m quite sure a media source paid someone an ugly sum to obtain this photo. When will sensationalism finally succumb to ethics and morality?? This is WRONG!

  16. Lynn said

    this picture is so disrepectful… this man has children. Have a heart!

  17. Tammy H. said

    I’m with everybody else…I was completely disgusted when I saw this picture of him. The man has been through enough, now u want to put him on display as he’s fucking dying?! This is so wrong on so many levels! ET should be ashamed and remove this photo immediately! Give him some respect….nobody wants to remember him like that! RIP Michael..you are now our angel!

  18. turbo said

    It’s disgusting that one of the persons in the ambulance would take such a pic. greed one of the deadly sins!! poor judgement on ET’s part they have lost a lot of respect from the public.

  19. Bette said

    Honestly, that’s horrific and unfair.
    There’s a lot of mixed opinions about him and while I wasn’t a huge fan, people deserve respect when they’re in a state like that.
    The family need respect and privacy right now, and these rats need to give it to them.

  20. Anisha said

    Not the last picture that needed to be published.
    Wish they had pictures of Michael in happier times not one where he may have already been dead or dying.

    They should have left him with the little dignity though…

  21. em said

    Those sorry hoes at ET need to be shot. It is really sad that u don’t respect MJ for all that he did for the entertainment industry!! U are a bunch of PIGS and need to be slapped! I won’t be watching that whack ass show anymore!

  22. Nichole Grandi said

    this is the first actual tears i dropped over this. it disgusts me that someone would actually take this picture and post it for the world to see. as we all know or heard, when paramedics arrived to Michael Jackson’s house, he was not breathing which means in this picture, he had already moved onto the better world. people are heartless and selfish and make me sick! rest peacefully amazing King of music. you will be immensely missed.

  23. leya said

    This picture makes me cry. I will never forget you michael and i will make sure my children and my children’s children will know how great you were. you are my idol and i miss you. love you michael R.I.P xx

  24. Diane Caldwell said

    This is wrong on so many levels!! MJ deserves respect and dignity as well as his family. What purpose does it serve to post such a sad and heartbreaking photo of MJ fighting for his life? NONE!! My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the entire family of MJ & Farrah. You will be truly missed and forever remembered. There are two more bright stars added to the heavens.

  25. Irene said

    Unique, beautiful, brilliant, kind – Michael will always shine far brighter than most of us – we always persecute the special ones who come among us…

  26. kelly said

    Wat cud this person have been thinking 2 do sumthing this sick besides money…media is wat made the man sick nd he won’t even b left 2 peace in sickness I hope they sue the ass who took this picture…

  27. melissa said

    i agree! et is so sick. they’re so proud of themselves for securing this “exclusive last photo” and they keep showing it on their show and analyzing every detail in it down to the fact that his eyes are closed, and the tube in his nose etc. So disrespectful and I am dissapointed in them. They don’t even have any good news about michael and farrah this week, they are being majorly trumped by HLn and CNN and access hollywood and tmz. Some photog’s kids are going to college now though… is it really worth it?

  28. kike said

    when i heard on the news that MJ was dead my heart skipped a couple beats i was really sad and heart-broken a man that had gave us everything we need to have a smile in our faces everyday is gone!
    he was not only my favorite singer actor dancer but someone’s steps i wanted to follow, thanks to him i started dancing and not been shy around other people
    rest in peace Michael Jackson.. we will always love you adn remember you as the wonderfull man you were and still be in our hearts
    love and respect to the family
    –R.I.P MJ — from Mexico
    ..:blessed:.. i love you Mike

  29. Rin said

    Michael Jackson was a good guy, the rumors were not true, did any of you finally here the person who started all of this was lying, he finally told the truth!
    so do not dare to say Michael deserves this, he doesn’t at all!

    we’ll miss you Michael.
    You’ll be in our hearts always & forever<3

  30. MJ fan said

    Whoever is disrespectful enough to take this picture is fucking disgusting.

  31. gillian said

    i just cant believe the length people will go to get money ..its just sick ..whoever took this picture should seriously sit back and take a good look at himself ..your a worthless peice of shit for putting this up ..how do you think the jackson family feels right now ..what would his three kids do if they saw this pic …your a very ignorant individual that needs some serious medical help …i hope the cash you get fromt his pic brings you loads of happiness buddy ..you’ve just upset alot of people ..alot of tears have already been cried and you just brang even more sadness to everyone ..i’m deeply disturbed with this ..to all the jackson family ..i love you ..my prayers are with you in your time of need ..micheal was and always will be a beautiful man with a big heart .too big for his body at times..he always tried to put smiles on peoples faces always helping someone in need ..you truely were an angle sent from god to show us ignorant people that love and kindness is all anyone needs .. that a smile goes along way ..lifts your soul and by that brings on joy to others..i love you micheal i only wish i had the opportunity to meet with you and have loving conversation about the beauty of life ..you always live on in my heart ..R.I.P micheal jackson

  32. terry said

    I can not believe that someone would take a picture of such a private moment and sell it to et. No matter what they were paid. And weather they like Michael Jackson or not, they need to know that what goes around, comes around.

  33. JM said

    Just a reminder that whatever pedestal people put us on, we are all human. More talent, but no better nor worse than the rest of us. God bless Michael, his family and all of those whose lives he touched.

  34. Cheryl Graham said

    This isn’t the way I want to remember Michael. I wish I had never seen this. My heart is breaking even more………

  35. shay said

    dis iiz really sad y would someone take dis pic y cant they give michael and his family some privacy he really deserves better than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  36. Quinne said

    Paparazzi are the lowest form of scum. This was not the photo I expected to see. Why would they post a photo like this?? Not only is is disturbing but it is insensitive to the family. Even in death, they won’t leave him alone.

  37. burnordettz said

    micheal the true king of pop it’s so tragic! with so many different stories i wonder if they smothered micheal? people gave him HELL on earth at least let him rest in peace in death! we’ll always love u micheal weird and strange is what yhey called you but i say just as eunique as me love u always!! my love goes 2 your family~~!

  38. Flip The Switch said

    Not cool, dude. Not cool. We’ve been playing MJ almost non-stop at work this week.

  39. tashy bashy said

    I am Actually disgusted at this photo…..i may have not liked the ”rumours” that went around Micheal but please give him some Dignity .. Let Him Rest an Remove this picture (let his family greeve for him) all his life he was exploited for money .. now let him rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  41. Nadia Blackman said

    This is not the image I will have in my head of you Micheal…………….. R.I.P……….. You will always be the greatest

  42. Patsy said

    I think this is so wrong. There has to be a line drawn at what these photographers can take.
    Would they like this to be their final picture? It’s wrong. I have now turned off ET. I’ve also had my friends and family who are all disgusted at this and as a result will no longer watch ET. Bad judgment call! ET need to apologies to Michael Jackson’s family and fans for insensitive picture that someone in their infinite wisdom decided to print. R.I.P Michael xx.

  43. W.Wryter said

    Remember him as he was…….this is a travesty, allow the dignity to be shown.

  44. tamara said


  45. beckie said

    i do agree, he deserves a lot more respect since he was ither in a coma or dead when this was taken, dont people think of these things?
    RIP x

  46. jenny1925 said

    my heart is breaking into pieces…it’s too early why michael? why not the bad ones!

  47. jenny1925 said

    and they should not take advantage of the situation! they should pay some respect until the last time michael jackson couldn’t even have a privacy even to his death!

  48. Melanie said

    The exploitation never friggin ends. To quote Michael “Leave me alone” Entertainment Tonight, you have trashed yourselves…

  49. Jaime said

    Oh my God…who would publish this bs. This is disgusting and very disrespectful to Michael, his family and his fans. I thought I was through crying, but to see him like this only made shit worse. You are wrong for this.

  50. I agree, this photo should not have been published.

  51. katie said

    who would do that? i mean you may not like him but he was a person and no person deserves to die like that, much less have it publicized. the person who took this should have deleted it or not taken it at all. he was dying and the paparazzi still had to take a picture. for once give him a break. you would think after years of following him around that they would at least let him die without snapping a picture and selling it to a t.v. network and leaking it onto the internet….. what would people not do for money?

  52. La'Tayza said

    This is so heartbreaking and brought tears. her deserved better!

  53. Maliha Baig said

    I love you very much…always will.

  54. J said

    firstly this photo shouldnt b out, this is not the way we rmember him and those who have seen this last picture will have this stuck in there head instead of picture they should have of him flying around the stage in his prime!
    secondly i jus wanna add this still seems so unreal, i gotta say with no disrespect to any others that have passed away, when any other actor, singing or someone famous has died i havent been that moved by it, this is first time iv thought this way about some1 i didnt even know, what a shame he went the way he did, 50 is to young for him, i was wishing him all the best with his 02 arena concerts and was hoping it would relaunch him after that lil boy ruined him.

  55. Hap tims said

    Wat a pity,i love u mickeal jackson.Rip.Forgive nd forget.

  56. J Daniels said

    Absolutely disgusting…way to go ET just shown yourselves to be a true Tabloid. Your reporters are bottom dwelling, scum sucking, ratbags! How bloody dare you publish this pic. How dare anyone! this is NOT news just sensationalist tripe! No respect for a man who has died.
    ET = Entertainment TRASH

  57. Hap tims said

    Wat a pity,i love u mickeal jackson.Rip.Forgive nd forget.U r a legend

  58. Blessings & Bounty
    This world we all live in… we make it what it is…….Stop…Love…Live…and give Thanks

  59. Shayna said

    God, you guys know that he was already dead in this picture… I feel so sick looking at this, he was already dead in this picture. He was already dead. Oh, we miss you Michael, R.I.P. our hearts our bleeding.

  60. Tanika said

    Wat een nare foto!

    Rust zacht Michael(L)

  61. dewofmay said

    I will always miss you M.J…

    Hope you settled everything, cos I know that you knew you were leaving us soon.

  62. deardottie said

    So typical of the media—-look how they handled Princess Di’s last moments…the public really DON’T need to be shown such morbid & awful images!

    Too disturbing! Where’s the dignity????

    Fly with the angels, Michael.

  63. Erica said

    Please take this picture off your site. Give him some type of respect. He is no longer with us and I and no one else wants to remember him like this.

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  65. Sovita Mangal said

    YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! All the time Jacko wanted to have a little privacy and altough he is dead you do not fullfill his last wish!


    Rest In Peace my piece of life…may God embrace you with His warmth and His blessings!


  66. Lenie said

    R.I.P MJ.
    You always the best..
    Love you
    xxx from Lenie

  67. Justine Short said

    I’m sickened by this. The very idea that someone would want to take a photo of a man’s last moments is atrocious. And to think that people use his want for privacy against him to accuse him of doing untoward things?? Even in death he can’t be left alone. I pray that you are finally able to find peace, Michael. You will forever live in our hearts; our memories and in music.
    God Bless, rest now, we love you MJ.

  68. Boo Boo said

    OMG! How could this happen? The King of Pop, The King of Rock, Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe! When will they crack down on these doctors for murdering these stars?

  69. Jacco said

    Thats what you get by taking so many pills and makeovers I guess?

  70. xeem said

    Why? I think we know wot a dead man looks like, pls take ds off… RIP MJ

  71. lod said

    well, unfortunately this is the world we live in. If the title had of said (last horrific pictures) of MJ, you would still look!
    We as an inquisitive race, are drawn to questions and images concerning our own mortality.
    which in the end means….
    macabre and horror, will sell papers.
    Deal with it.

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